The outstanding coffee experience. Specter is a complete under-counter coffee solution with an elegant tap and an intuitive user experience. 

About Specter

We cover the technology under the counter to provide you with a perpetually clean and clutter-free countertop. The minimalistic design of the tap is without any superfluous elements and shapes for a stylish look that discreetly fits into any interior design. We have stripped the design down to its essential quality: 

  • easy cleaning
  • clutter-free look
  • drip tray with drain
  • tap for 2 identical drinks at the same time
  • Customizable menu with a wide range of coffee drinks (hot and cold) 
  • optional water cooling system and the integrated CO2 system for still and sparkling water (additional tap)

Specter tap comes in 3 colors - black, white, and chrome. 

Specter under-counter coffee solution with open doors

Easy installation

Specter is a complete set of all necessary parts.
  • Dimensions are 800x800x620 mm with Eversys Legacy, and 600x800x620 with Eversys Cameo
  • With water system: 1200x800x600 mm

Intuitive installation manual:

  • Installation of tap and screen
  • Tubes with quick lock for connection between tap and machine
  • Drawer for easy access to the machine 
  • Fits into regular closets with 800mm x 620mm (H,D) 
  • Additional water system can be easily connected
Specter under-counter coffee solution with closed doors


Under the counter, you will find one of the best superautomatic coffee machines on the market with the following features:

  • A modular system with a minimum number of components for efficient maintenance
  • All-metal construction for reliability, durability, and sustainability
  • Electronic controlled ceramic grinders for consistency and optimal extraction at all times
  • The unique 1-Step milk system for optimal flavor and texture
  • Two entirely separate milk systems - no contamination between regular and plant-based milks
  • A leading-edge telemetry system for optimizing service and cost
  • A fully automatic cleaning system
  • A reduced noise level

Powered by Eversys Legacy or Eversys Cameo C2


The Specter solution includes a tablet with an intuitive user interface. 

Including features:

  • Choice of 1 cup or 2 cups quantity,
  • Customized coffee strength, 
  • 2 different milk choices,
  • Maintenance Menu,
  • Error Feedback Screens,
  • Closed-source software

Moreover, the machinery provides you with a telemetry system to fulfill your business needs. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Remote control
  • Early warning system
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Optimizing water and energy management
mock-up UI coffee menu on a tablet

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